REORG is offering a series of BJJ Seminars with some of the best U.K. Black Belts at Strive Fest, Snowdonia


REORG BJJ Seminars

There are 4 BJJ No Gi seminars over the weekend each seminar ticket will give you access to the whole Strive Fest event but 100% of your seminar ticket cost will support REORG Charity

Saturday 24th June
1000-1200 Ross Nicholls

Ross Nicholls is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under César Lima and Roger Gracie, as well as a member of the Roger Gracie Academy (RGA), who is widely regarded as one of the top British and European competitors of his generation. Nicholls made himself noticed with eye-pleasing performances in big international events such as the Polaris Jiu Jitsu Invitational and the ADCC European Trials

1400-1600 Tom Barlow

Tom “the mighty Barlow” Barlow has been active in the UK BJJ scene and the international competitive jiu jitsu circuit since the mid 2000’s. He received his black belt in 2011 from Braulio Estima, and has trained all over the world with greats like Eric Paulson, Andre Galvao, Rafa and Gui Mendes, and Otavio Sousa, among others.

Tom has been very successful in competitive BJJ as well. He is a three-time No-Gi World Champion at featherweight, European Champion, and has competed in a number of professional, submission-only events like the Polaris Pro and Tuff– you also might recognise him as a recurring commentator for Polaris.

Sunday 25th June
1000-1200 Lloyd Cooper

Lloyd Cooper is a BJJ Black Belt and leg lock specialist! His achievements include brown belt masters 1 IBJJF European Champion. Elsewhere he is a 2X ADCC UK pro champion & multiple time veteran of Polaris Professional Grappling

1400-1600 Dan Strauss

Daniel Strauss has been regarded as one of the top European BJJ competitors from the U.K., who is especially focused on No Gi.

Dan is a BJJ Black belt under Roger Gracie, he is known for his unique, incredible strength training which anyone who trains Jiu Jitsu would benefit from adopting. He has just completed a mammoth seminar tour visiting BJJ academies to teach his infamous “Guillotine” submission series. Dan is a Veteran of Polaris, ADCC, EBI and Quintet.

There is also a REORG support ticket which will gain you access into Strive Fest and will allow you access to our exclusive REORG store and the ability to watch some Jiu Jitsu but the seminars would be an additional charge.

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