A change for 2023 ADVENTURE THROWDOWN SNOWDONIA will see TEAMS OF FOUR battle it out across a series of fitness and adventure challenges in a true test of fitness and teamwork. 



Set against a stunning backdrop of the Snowdonia mountains and forests, Adventure Snowdonia is an exciting multi-discipline outdoor event.

This brand new event will see a fun, challenging mix of land and water based events, with some traditional functional fitness in and amongst too.

Expect running, swimming, paddling, odd objects, and conventional movements.

The event will last for two days, with all teams completing 6 varied workouts, all the beautiful outdoors setting of North Wales.


What can you expect


  • a fun, challenging mix of land and water based events
  • including traditional functional fitness movements
  • you will be forced to make strategic choices to play to your strengths, or weaknesses!


  • Teams of 4
  • 2 men / 2 women per team
  • 6 workouts

Movement Requirements

  • EVERYDAY which is inclusive for ALL with lighter weights, no minimum work requirements, simple gymnastic movements and a gentle intro to our water based events. Perfect for your first comp or if you want to go a little harder at the Saturday evening party.
  • ADVANCED will see heavier weights, higher reps, longer distances and more work. Gymnastic movements will include muscle ups, HSPU and some synchro work. Some of the team should be comfortable with swimming. Perfect for teams who are looking to put themselves against some toughs workouts for a full weekend.
Accessible for a wide range of athletes with the emphasis on how you adapt as a team, to overcome unusual movements and new skills this competition is for the regular box goer up to the elite athlete.
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